Renewable Energy Assistance

Grant funds and incentives are available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware. The Green Energy Program includes several different types of green energy funding programs from the state’s major electric utilities.

The Green Energy Program began in 1999 with one utility company and has grown over the years to include additional utilities. The Division of Energy and Climate provides technical support and guidance under the Regulations for the Green Energy Program (7 DE Admin Code 2103).

The Green Energy Program has provided grant funding to more than 4,300 Delaware renewable energy projects since 1999. The program is funded through a public benefits fund charge ($0.000356 per kilowatt-hour consumed) collected monthly by Delmarva Power. Delaware’s other utilities operate similar programs.

Grants are available for qualifying renewable energy systems installed in Delaware by applicants whose electricity provider collects funds for the program and offers a grant program for renewable energy projects. Each electric utility company offering rebates through the Green Energy Program has unique program regulations, requirements, and application forms. See below for specific details.


Delmarva Power offers grants to offset the installed cost of photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind, and geothermal renewable energy technologies. These grants are only open to customers of Delmarva Power.

Grant applications must use the Green Grant Delaware online application system. Only complete applications with all required attachments should be submitted to the Green Energy Program Team. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

For assistance or questions about the online application system, contact Green Grant Delaware Customer Service by email or at 1.877.453.2327.

The Delaware State Substitute Form W-9 must be completed online prior to receiving grant payments. Grant payments cannot be processed without this form. If you have problems completing the State W-9 form, please call the State Division of Accounting at 302.672.5000 and ask to speak to a member of the vendor team.

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Program Guidelines

Application Forms

Application Checklist

Email applications or mail to:
Green Energy Program
100 W. Water Street, Suite 5A
Dover, DE 19904

The Delaware Electric Cooperative offers grants to offset the installed cost of photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind, and geothermal renewable energy systems. These grants are only open to customers of the Delaware Electric Cooperative. Applications for 2017 are closed.

Please note that the date of the DEC final interconnection approval will be used as part of the ranking process for photovoltaic and wind systems. For geothermal systems, the date of the DNREC well permit for the geothermal system will be used as part of the ranking process for the applications. Please be sure a copy of the well permit and the conditions pages are included with your application documents for systems that require a well permit.

If applications were previously submitted to our office, please be advised that these documents were not kept for future submittals.  All current required application documents must be re-submitted to be reviewed and considered for funding in the 2017 Renewable Resource Program.

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications electronically to the DNREC Green Energy Program by email ( so there is an electronic record of the documents submitted. Applications can also be mailed to the Green Energy Program.

Please be sure to retain a copy of all application documents for your records and for future reference should program staff need to contact you during the application review process.

Grant payments are issued by the Delaware Electric Cooperative.

Due to the popularity of the Renewable Resource Program and the limited funding collected by the Delaware Electric Cooperative for the program, all applicants approved for funding through the Renewable Resource Program will wait approximately two years for grant payment after their application is approved. The Delaware Electric Cooperative maintains a list of approved grants that are queued for payment to allow members to monitor their payment status. If your application has been approved, it will be listed on the Cooperative’s payment queue.

The Division of Energy and Climate only administers the program and conducts technical reviews of applications. The Division of Energy & Climate does not maintain the grant payment queue or issue grant payments. Questions regarding grant payment should be directed to Mark Nielson at 302.349.9090.

Several municipal governments that are part of the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation offer grants to support renewable energy projects, including photovoltaic, geothermal, solar water heating, and wind turbine projects. The funds used to pay Municipal Green Energy Program grants are collected monthly by each municipality. Customers are eligible for the Municipal Green Energy Program only if they receive an electric bill directly from their municipality.

Due to limited funding, municipal customers applying for the Municipal Green Energy Program will be placed in queue for payment by the Delaware Municipal Electrical Corporation (DEMEC). Approved grants will be paid by municipalities as funds are available. Applicants should inquire with DEMEC regarding grant payment timelines and program funding prior to requesting a grant.

Getting Started:   

Municipal Green Energy Program applicants and/or contractors applying for grants must submit a grant application to the Green Energy Program Team prior to installing the system.  Please see section 4.3 of the program regulations for details regarding initial documentation submission requirements. Applying for a grant after installation is complete may result in exclusion of your project from grant funding.

For faster grant processing, please submit grant application materials to Applications can also be mailed to the Green Energy Program.

Due to the high demand for Green Energy Program incentives, there is a queue for some grant payments after an application receives final approval. The wait time for grant payment varies.

For more information about the Green Energy Program or to check the status of your grant application, email include your full name, address, and electric utility provider when requesting information.