Delaware Coastal Zone Act Program

The Coastal Zone Act Program regulates existing heavy industrial activities, as well as new and existing manufacturing activities in Delaware’s Coastal Zone. Certain new activities, such as the bulk transfer of raw materials, are not allowed in the Coastal Zone, which runs the length of the state.

The Delaware Coastal Zone Act

Division of Climate, Coastal, & Energy
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Meetings related to the Coastal Zone Act Program are posted on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

The 2017 Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act amends the Coastal Zone Act to allow the reuse of 14 existing sites of heavy industry use within Delaware’s Coastal Zone. A process is now under way to revise the Regulations Governing Delaware’s Coastal Zone by October 1, 2019, to reflect that change.

Public Hearing On Draft Regulations

DNREC and the Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board held a joint public hearing on June 24 on proposed amendments to the Regulations Governing Delaware’s Coastal Zone in accordance with the mandate of the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act of 2017 (CZCPA).

An application for a Coastal Zone Permit is necessary for any new or expanded manufacturing activity that will have an impact on the environment, the economy, the aesthetics or neighboring land uses. A Coastal Zone Status Decision can help determine whether a proposed activity is considered heavy industry, or to determine if the proposed activity is exempt from having to obtain a Coastal Zone Permit.

If a project requires other permits from DNREC, the Coastal Zone permit generally takes precedence, although related permit applications may be processed concurrently.


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