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Division of Watershed Stewardship

The Division of Watershed Stewardship manages and protects the state’s soil, water and coastlines. It uses a comprehensive array of watershed-based programs to ensure proper stewardship of Delaware’s natural resources.

The division protects and maintains the state’s shoreline and navigable waterways. It regulates changes to coastal and urban lands. It develops and implements innovative watershed assessment, monitoring and implementation activities. It promotes wise land use, water quality and water management practices. And it works closely with Delaware’s Conservation Districts to manage stormwater and assist farmers.

Water Quality

Learn about water quality assessment in Delaware’s 45 watersheds.


Discover the status, health and function of wetlands in Delaware.

Drainage and Stormwater

Learn about drainage, tax ditches and stormwater management in Delaware.


See how Delaware’s shorelines and beaches are protected and enhanced.


Learn about dredging and other activities to keep Delaware waterways open and clear.


Discover assistance, services and programs to enable natural resources conservation.

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