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Division of Fish & Wildlife

Division of Fish & Wildlife

We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors
through Science and Service

The Division of Fish & Wildlife conserves and manages Delaware’s fish and wildlife and their habitats, and provides fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and boating access on nearly 65,000 acres of public land. Fish and wildlife resource conservation and safe boating are achieved through promoting public compliance with laws and regulations. We control mosquito populations to improve quality of life and protect public health. The division delivers hunter, boating and aquatic education programs, and provides licensing and boat registration services.

Attention Hunters, Anglers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts:

People entering Delaware from out of state must immediately self-quarantine for 14 days before engaging in fishing, hunting, or golf, and before visiting state parks and wildlife areas or using boat ramps. The self-quarantine must begin at the time of entry into Delaware. Find more information on DNREC’s coronavirus response. Visit for statewide information and updates.

Managing Wildlife and their habitats, public wildlife areas, hunting, and wildlife viewing.
Managing recreational and commercial fisheries and providing public fishing access.
Mosquito ControlMosquito Control
Controlling mosquitoes and related diseases, and managing marshlands.
EnforcementNatural Resources Police
Conserving fish and wildlife resources and ensuring safe boating through public compliance with laws and regulations.
LicensesLicenses and Registrations
Licenses, permits, boat registrations, stamps, and Conservation Access Passes.
GuidesGuides, Seasons and Maps
Hunting and fishing guides, hunting and fishing seasons, and outdoor recreation maps.
EducationEducation and Outreach
Education programs and facilities, volunteer opportunities, and photo and stamp art contests.

2020 Delaware Fishing Guide

2019/2020 Delaware Hunting Guide Cover

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Violations


Operation Game Theft


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