Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

The Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances protects the environment and human health and safety.

The Division encourages waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. It ensures compliance with waste and hazardous substance management laws. The Division leads investigation and clean-up of contaminated sites. It regulates installation, operation, removal and remediation of tanks storing petroleum and hazardous substances. It ensures boilers and pressure vessels are inspected to prevent catastrophic failures. The Division provides comprehensive emergency planning and provides 24-hour response to emergency and non-emergency environmental and hazardous materials incidents.

Emergency Response Line


Report environmental spills, violations of environmental laws and regulations, and other issues to DNREC.

Managing Wastes

The Division works with businesses, residents, and local governments to manage solid and hazardous wastes, infectious wastes, encourage recycling, handle yard waste, and clean up scrap tires.

Emergency Prevention and Response

The Division helps take steps to try to avoid accident and spills. It helps respond to hazardous materials emergencies. And it works with local communities to ensure they are aware of spills and other risks.

Site Restoration

The Division manages and assists with the clean-up and restoration of chemical release sites, including brownfield and other hazardous substances sites. It assists with voluntary cleanup and corrective actions.

Tank Management

The Division regulates the installation and operation of underground and aboveground storage tanks. It helps respond to problems from leaking storage tanks. And it provides assistance with closure of heating fuel tanks.

Boiler Safety

The Division oversees the construction, installation and repair of boilers and pressure vessels in Delaware. It provides education, inspection and regulatory oversight.


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As of July 1, the address to submit written reports of a discharge of a pollutant or air contaminant under 7 DE Admin. Code 1203 is:

DNREC Emergency Prevention and Response Section
Attn: Written Release Reports
155 Commerce Way, Suite B
Dover, Delaware 19904

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