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Water Infrastructure Advisory Council

The Water Infrastructure Advisory Council (WIAC) initiates, develops and recommends to the Delaware General Assembly projects for the planning, construction, repair, renovation or expansion of drinking water and wastewater facilities.

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Environmental Finance
97 Commerce Way, Suite 106
Dover, DE 19904

The council, which is established in State Law (29 Del. C. § 8011), provides guidance and policy advice to the Governor and to the Secretaries of DNREC, DHSS, and the Department of Finance. It helps develop funding options for capital and maintenance programs related to drainage, stormwater management and flood control throughout Delaware. And the Council provides assistance in the development and evaluation of criteria for watershed-based plans for surface water management.

Council Meetings

Meetings of the council are generally held on Wednesdays, from 9 a.m. to noon. Notices of council meetings and meetings of its subcommittees are posted on the DNREC Calendar of Events and on the state Public Meeting Calendar.

Upcoming Meetings

Advisory Council Members

Jeffrey M. Bross, P.E., Chair
Duffield Associates, Wilmington

Hans Medlarz, P.E., Vice Chair
Sussex County Engineer

Richard A. Duncan, Sr.
Delaware Rural Water Association

Charles D. Anderson
City of Seaford

Eugene S. Dvornick,
Town of Georgetown

Jeff Flynn
City of Wilmington

Jennifer A. Adkins
American Rivers

Victoria K. Petrone, Esquire
Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, LLC

J. Michael Reimann, P.E.
Becker Morgan Group

Desmond A. Baker, P.E.
Desmond A. Baker & Associates, LLC, Wilmington

Robert L. Stickels
Joseph Family of Companies

Carolann D. Wicks, P.E.
President, CDW Consulting

Plans, Strategies and Reports

WIAC FY2019 Briefing to the Bond Bill Committee (May 17, 2018)

Long-Term Wastewater Facilities Funding Plan

Sussex County Surface Water Management Level of Service Analysis (Appendix)

Watershed Management Plans

Delaware Statewide Wastewater Needs Assessment 2020-2025

Delaware Statewide Drinking Water Needs Assessment 2020-2025

Surface Water Needs Assessment and Service Analysis (April 2020)



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