Bloom Energy Air Quality Permit Hearing

Date & Time:
Thursday, January 10, 2019
6:00 am

DNREC Lukens Drive Offices
391 Lukens Dr.
New Castle, Delaware

Bloom Energy (Diamond State Generating Partners) has submitted a natural minor permit application to replace all fuel cells at their Red Lion site located at 1593 River Road, New Castle and their Brookside site located at 512 E. Chestnut Hill Road, Newark. (Public Comment Period Closed)

The 13 Bloom Energy 200 kW ES5-BABAAA servers to be located at the Brookside site totaling 2.6 MW, will be permitted to emit 0.0012 tons per year of SO2, 0.019 tons per year NOx, 0.387 tons per year CO, and 0.181 tons per year VOC by Permit# APC-2019/0032-CONSTRUCTION.

The 134 Bloom Energy 200 kW ES-5700 servers to be located at the Red Lion site totaling 26.8 MW will be permitted to emit 0.011 tons per year of SO2, 0.19 tons per year of NOx, 3.71 tons per year of CO, and 1.73 tons per year of VOC by Permit# APC-2019/0031-CONSTRUCTION.

Docket #2019-P-A-0002

Public Hearing Officer:

Lisa A. Vest

Public Hearing Materials

Hearing Officer’s Report

Secretary’s Order No. 2019-A-0019

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