Public Hearing: Sargio Corporation Application for Bay Vista Marina Dredging

Date & Time:
Thursday, March 14, 2019
6:00 pm

DNREC Lewes Field Office
901 Pilottown Rd.
Lewes, Delaware

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will conduct a public hearing to hear comments on Sargio Corporation’s application to dredge material from Bay Vista Marina, located at the end of Basin Street in Rehoboth Beach, and to dispose of the material on an adjacent upland parcel. (Public Comment Period Closed)

Sargio Corporation proposes to mechanically maintenance dredge 3,500 cubic yards of material to a depth of 4 feet below mean low water in the marina basin and to a depth of 6 feet below mean low water in the access channel. The total area of the marina basin to be dredged is 0.65 acres and the total area of the access channel is 0.11 acres.

The disposal area is directly adjacent to the marina to the north and is also owned by Sargio Corporation. The area is 0.34 acres in size and will be prepared by excavating a 2-3 foot deep cut and using the excavated material to create a 4 foot high earthen berm around the site. Silt fencing will also be placed around the bermed area. Following placement of the dredge spoil in the disposal site, the material will be allowed to dewater and will then be stabilized by leveling, capping with upland soil on top, and seeded.

The public notice of the Department’s receipt of the application was published in the News Journal and the Delaware News on September 19, 2018. The Department received a public hearing request on October 3, 2018.

Persons wishing to comment on the applications and draft permit may do so either orally or in written form at the public hearing on March 14, 2019. In lieu of attending the public hearing, written comment may be submitted to the Hearing Officer via either email to or via USPS to the address below.

Docket #2019-P-W-0007

Public Hearing Officer:

Bethany Fiske
Office of the Secretary
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
89 Kings Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901

Transcript, Hearing Officer’s Report, and Secretary’s Order

Public Hearing Transcript

Hearing Officer’s Report

Secretary’s Order No. 2019-W-0045

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Copies of the application are also available from the Division of Water by contacting Gayle Calder, at 302.739.9943.


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