Public Hearing: Denali Water Solutions Agricultural Utilization Permit

Date and Time:
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
6:00 pm


, Delaware

The DNREC Division of water will hold a public hearing (Docket #2022-P-W-0007) regarding an application by Denali Water Solutions to renew their existing Agricultural Utilization permit. Public comment period closed.

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Denali Water Solutions, LLC. has submitted a permit application requesting their existing AGU permit for the land treatment of approved wastes at nine farms be renewed and has requested a tenth application site, the Luff Farm, be added to the permit, under the Department’s Guidance and Regulations Governing the Land Treatment of Wastes, Part V, Regulations Governing the Land Treatment of Waste Products.

The existing AGU permit authorizes the land application of dissolved air flotation (DAF) solids and other land treatable residuals, that do not contain sanitary (human) waste, as approved by DNREC. Land treatable residuals managed by Denali consist of residuals generated from chicken and pet food processing facilities during the treatment of process wastewater. The nine currently permitted farms known as Schreiber, Seeney, Cain, Masten, Bergold, Winkler, Harrison, Home, and Collison Farms are located within an 8-mile radius of Harrington Delaware and are comprised of a total of approximately 1,500 acres of land that is suitable for land application. The Luff Farm consists of approximately 91 acres of land suitable for land application and is located southwest of the intersection of High Stump Road and Greenville Road, approximately 6 miles southwest of Harrington, Delaware.

For additional information on the above matter, contact Brian Churchill, Division of Water, SWDS, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901; by phone at 302-739-9946; or via email, at

The Department will accept public comment through the close of business on June 2, 2022. Comments will be accepted in written form via email to, using the online form at, or by U.S. mail to the address below.

Docket #2022-P-W-0007

Public Hearing Officer

Theresa Newman
DNREC Office of the Secretary
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901


Public Hearing Transcript

DNREC Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Permit Application and Project Development Report

Exhibit 2: Permit Renewal Legal Notices (1/30/22)

Exhibit 3: Guidance and Regulations Governing the Land Treatment of Wastes (Part V is applicable to the permit renewal)

Exhibit 4: Hearing Request and Comments

Exhibit 5: Public Hearing Legal Notices (4/17/22)

Exhibit 6: DNREC Calendar Posting (This page)

Exhibit 7: Draft Permit

Exhibit 8: DNREC Presentation

Applicant’s Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Denali Presentation

Public Comments

Suellen Dickson (5/28/22)

Maria Payan (6/2/22)

Shelly Cohen (6/2/22)

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