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Boating or Fishing Event Application

A boating/fishing event permit from DNREC’s Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police is required for safety reasons when holding an event on the water.

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Brandi Besecker
Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Permit Required by Law

Delaware State Law requires a permit from DNREC for boating/fishing events. The application below must be completed in its entirety and filed with the Department at least 30 days prior to holding the event (23 Del.C. §2120).

Operating a marine event without properly securing a permit from the Department may result in penalties (23 Del.C. §2125):

…Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter, except §§ 2113(e), 2116(b), (c), (d), (e) and (f), or any regulation promulgated thereunder, shall for the first offense be guilty of a class D environmental violation. For each subsequent like offense occurring within 12 months of a prior conviction, the person will be guilty of a class C environmental violation.

Additional Considerations

Submission of an application does not guarantee the event will be approved. Do not publicize or promote your event until you receive your notification of acceptance. The permit issued by the Natural Resources Police does not authorize the use of access/launching facilities. The appropriate contact for access/launching facilities is provided on our permit.

A fishing tournament/boating event, when conducted on State Parks lands and water, may require an entrance or admission fee. Contact information for the Division of Parks and Recreation is listed in the application form, below. The Division of Fish and Wildlife will not issue a permit if appropriate documentation of approval is not provided when holding an event on State Park lands.

Activities such as fundraising, concessions, or other public events are prohibited within Fish and Wildlife lands without a special permit from the Director of Fish and Wildlife.

Who is Hosting the Event?

What Sort of Event Are You Planning?

Where Will the Event Take Place?

Note: If you are requesting an event on waters in a state park, you must get permission from the Division of Parks and Recreation before submitting this form. Park Office Contacts: Lums Pond, 302-368-6989. Killens Pond, 302-284-4526. Trap Pond, 302-875-5153.

In New Castle County

In Kent County

In Sussex County

Other Locations

Locations other than the state-owned water bodies listed above may be privately-owned and the state may not be able to give you a permit.

Please Give a Description of the Event

A representative from the Delaware Natural Resources Police may contact you to discuss event security, medical assistance, sanitary facilities, rescue personnel, and insurance if any of these are applicable to your event. You may be required to provide further details, such as a map or a chart.