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Purchase Recreational Licenses Online

The DNREC “Egov” online licensing system was built to provide an online option to purchase Recreational Licenses, Passes, Permits, and/or Stamps. The Egov system is nearing the end of its life-cycle and is being replaced by a new Digital DNREC ePermitting system. There are some changes and warnings to share with you. So please read carefully.

Buy your recreational fishing licenses
on the new Digital DNREC ePermitting system.

Note: If you already purchased a fishing, charter or head boat license in 2020 using the old system, your license is still valid. We will migrate your 2020 license data into our new system so you can access all of your purchases under your DNREC account.

Hunting Licenses, Stamps, or Conservation Access Passes

Know the Rules

No one is authorized to use the website to purchase, procure or obtain a license for another person.

Unauthorized use of this website is prohibited and will cause you to incur all appropriate legal liability. Unauthorized use of this website to obtain a license for someone else constitutes a misrepresentation of facts in order to obtain a license, a class B environmental misdemeanor offense (7 Del. Code ยง 516).

Any person, other than Division personnel or a duly authorized Licensing Agent, who charges or takes any fee from another person for obtaining or assisting in obtaining a license for another person, is in violation of 7 Del. C. Chapter 5.

Know your residency status.

All persons born after January 1, 1967 must satisfactorily complete an approved Hunter Education Course before applying for a Delaware Hunting License.

To purchase a resident license you must have been living in Delaware for at least one year before applying for a license.

You may not establish residency in two different US States. You might own homes in two or more states, but you can only claim residency in one US State at a time. This is the state you claim residency on your federal income tax return.

Buy your vehicle Conservation Access Pass based on the state where your vehicle is registered.

Only vehicles that are registered in Delaware may carry a Resident Vehicle Pass. A vehicle registered in any other state must carry a Non-Resident Vehicle Pass. 

For the Pass to be valid it must print with a watermark of the logo of the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

All sales are final.

Make sure to accurately select your license, pass, permit, or stamp type and complete all data fields as instructed.

Purchase and print your waterfowl and trout stamps online.

Print the stamp on your license at the time you purchase your hunting and fishing license or separately. We no longer mail original waterfowl stamps or trout stamps.

A stamp can be mailed after the end of the license period (waterfowl stamp after June 30 of each year or trout stamp after December 31 of each year). If you would like an original mailed please call 302-739-9918 and give us your name, address, and order ID number. 

Find more information on Delaware’s Waterfowl Stamp and Trout Stamp programs, including information on ordering collector stamps and prints.

Licenses are not valid if any part of the printed license or tag is missing.

If any part of the license, pass, tags, permit, or stamp does not print you may reprint a duplicate using the tools for Lost Licenses and the DNREC e-gov Order Tracking System.

If you attempt to reprint your license and it does not print on the first duplicate try, your computer or printer may not be compatible. Make sure you read and follow the order tracking directions carefully.

To contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife with questions please call 302-739-9918 between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Know the Egov System

Warning: This system is not compatible with mobile devices or iPads and may encounter printing issues with touch screen computers and apple products.

Do not use the back arrow in your windows toolbar beyond this page when completing your application and purchase.

Do not close out of any pop-up box that reads “About Blank.” Please wait until the system pulls up the printer selection page before proceeding. If you close the pop-up box you will have lost the opportunity to print your sale.

To print the waterfowl (duck) and trout stamp image, the required Fish & Wildlife logo watermark on the conservation access pass and the camo background (optional) on your hunting license, you must have the “Print Background colors and images” option enabled in your browser settings. If your image does not print please call the Recreational Licensing Section at 302-739-9918.

When purchasing a boat fishing license, note that the decals will be mailed to you within four to six weeks. You may fish before you receive the decals; all you need to carry with you on your boat is your boat fishing license printed at the time you make the purchase. 

When you enter your boat registration number or documentation number do not enter any spaces. For example if your registration is DL 1234 AR it would be entered as DL1234AR.

If you are an exempt hunter purchasing a Resident Hunters Choice/Quality Buck tag or additional antlerless tags, please use your annually obtained License Exempt Number (LEN) as your license number.

Likewise if you are an exempt hunter registering a deer, use your annually obtained LEN as your license number. License exempt hunters accessing State Wildlife Areas where a vehicle Conservation Access Pass is required will need to purchase the Pass.

Need Help?

Contact Us

Danielle Davis
Licensing Coordinator

You may contact the Licensing Section for personal assistance concerning billing questions or issues you may have encountered with the system.
Please include your order ID number beginning with “FW” found in your confirmation email. Our staff are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding State Holidays.