FOIA, the Delaware Freedom of Information Act (29 Del. Code, Chapter 100), ensures that the public has “easy access to public records” held by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and other state agencies.

DNREC has begun a major project to create an on-line repository of public documents, as part of a comprehensive effort to improve its business processes, information management, and transparency. And the agency is part of the Delaware Open Data Council, which has created an Open Data Portal to hold public data sets, including a growing list of DNREC data sets.

The Department tries to make as much public information as possible available on-line, but it is sometimes the case that FOIA requests are required. DNREC’s FOIA contacts work to fulfill those requests, following the DNREC Policies and Procedures Regarding FOIA Requests published in the Delaware Administrative Code.

Make a FOIA Request to DNREC

Use the state’s on-line FOIA request form to request information from DNREC as a whole or from any of the DNREC divisions. If you are not sure which division to make a request to, please use the Office of the Secretary request link. The DNREC FOIA coordinators work together to make sure that requests get to the office that can best answer them.

DNREC Office of the Secretary
Requests for information at the Departmental level, information about financial or human resources management, regulatory reviews, public affairs and constituent relations, the Environmental Crimes Unit, the Delaware coastal programs, and other Department-level functions.

The Division of Energy and Climate
Requests for information about energy policies and programs, climate change issues, weatherization and sustainable planning.

The Division of Parks and Recreation
Requests for information about the operation and maintenance of Delaware’s state parks, Park revenues and budgeting, recreational and educational programs, land preservation, grant programs, and recreational planning.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife
Requests for information about wildlife and aquatic resource conservation, hunting and fishing, boating safety, mosquito control, Natural Resources Police activities, wildlife areas and land preservation.

The Division of Watershed Stewardship
Requests for information about shoreline and waterway management, sediment and stormwater control, the state’s Conservation Districts, drainage, wetlands, and watershed-based management and planning.

The Division of Air Quality
Requests for information about air pollution control and monitoring, and air quality standards planning and assistance programs.

The Division of Water
Requests for information on ground water and surface water management and monitoring, permitting, water supply, wetlands and subaqueous lands, and the Delaware Environmental Laboratory.

The Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances
Requests for information on the management of solid and hazardous waste, emergency response to spills and other environmental incidents, boiler safety, above ground and underground storage tanks, site restoration, and brownfields projects.

Submit a Request via Mail or Fax

Use a fillable PDF version of the FOIA form to create a FOIA request that can be mailed or faxed to one of the DNREC FOIA contacts.

DNREC FOIA Coordinator
Phone: 302.739.9037
Fax: 302.739.6242
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901
FOIA Contact: Brittany Klecan
Phone: 302.735.3480
Fax: 302.739.6242
Address: State Street Commons, Suite 7B, 100 W. Water Street, Dover, DE 19904
FOIA Contact: Rebecca Lovin
Phone: 302.739.9206
Fax: 302.739.3817
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

FOIA Contact: Vicki Rhodes
Phone: 302.739.9916
Fax: 302.739.6242
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

FOIA Contact: Greg Williams
Phone: 302.739.9921
Fax: 302.739.6242
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901
FOIA Contact: Tracy Mattson
Phone: 302.739.9474
Fax: 302.739.6242
Address: State Street Commons, Suite 6A, 100 W. Water Street, Dover, DE 19904
FOIA Contact: Roy Heineman
Phone: 302.739.9257
Fax: 302.739.7864
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

FOIA Contact: Dawn Budinger
Phone: 302.739.9400
Fax: 302.739.5060
Address: 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

More About FOIA in Delaware

The Freedom of Information Act topic page on the state web portal includes more information about FOIA, including a link to answers to frequently asked questions by the Delaware Department of Justice, a list of state agency FOIA coordinators, and a central form to submit FOIA requests to any state agency.

A Final Note

Under Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act, a FOIA request or petition, along with any information contained therein or any documents attached thereto, submitted to any “public body” subject to FOIA, including, without limitation, any board, bureau, commission, department, agency or committee of the State, may itself be deemed a “public record” subject to disclosure under FOIA.

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