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Doing Business With DNREC Online

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control offers a number of online applications and tools to make it easier to interact with the agency.

Applications are categorized into General, Land-Use, Air Quality, Water Quality, Reporting Tools, Contaminants, Licensing, Permits and Certifications, Enforcement, Fish and Wildlife, and Outdoors and Recreation.

General, Department-Wide

Delaware Environmental Navigator: Map-based application to explore the many types of information collected by DNREC such as permitted facilities, enforcement actions and environmental monitoring.

Search the Navigator: Search by facility, by program, by permit, and more.

DNREC Public Notices: Public notices posted by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

DNREC Open Data: Links to DNREC’s data sets posted on the Delaware Open Data Portal.

Land Use and Planning

Flood Planning Tool: A map-based tool to help determine flood risk for homes and businesses and for designing development projects in accordance with floodplain codes.

Ocean, River and Bay Planner: A map-based tool that allows decision-makers, planners and stakeholders to visually assess project impacts for permitting and planning purposes.

Sea Level Rise Inundation Map: An online map view of sea level rise inundation areas.

State-Regulated Tidal Wetland Map Index: Map-based index to regulatory maps of Delaware tidal wetlands.

Delaware Freshwater Wetland Toolbox: Learn about freshwater wetlands and view freshwater wetland maps.

Delaware Tax Ditch Map: A web-map of Delaware Tax Ditch boundaries, channels, rights-of-way and other information relating to Tax Ditches.

Delaware Tax Ditch Right-of-Way Search: A map-based tool to search for, and create reports on, tax ditch rights-of-way on specific Delaware property parcels.

Delaware Brownfields Marketplace: A searchable (map-based and text-based) index of brownfield sites available for redevelopment.

Air Quality

Delaware Air Quality Forecast: The latest air quality index and air quality forecast for Delaware.

Delaware’s Air Quality Monitoring Network: A web-map showing the locations of Delaware air quality monitoring stations, with links to the latest readings as well as historical data.

Water Quality

Recreational Water Quality Monitoring:Map-based reporting of recreational water quality, including any water quality alerts, with details.

Reporting Tools

State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS): Online application for the regulated community to report air emissions. (Login required)

Online Tier II Manager: Online application for facilities required to submit annual hazardous chemical inventory (Tier II) reports (Login required).

Hazardous Waste Handler Notification: Portal for reporting by registered hazardous waste generators (Login required).

Water Usage Reporting: Online submission of water usage reports (Login required).

Wastewater Discharge Monitoring Reports: Online reporting of wastewater discharges (Login required).

Storm Water Notices of Intent: Reporting and search of Notices of Intent (NOIs) for construction-related storm water discharges.


Delaware Environmental Release Notification System (DERNS): A notification system to alert Delawareans to releases or discharges of contaminants or pollutants that meet or exceed certain thresholds in their neighborhoods or throughout the state.

Recent Environmental Releases: A report on the most recent environmental release reports from the DERNS system.

Asbestos Notification System: Online notification of asbestos-related demolition and contamination.

Toxics Release Inventory Facility Search: Search the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) by Facility.

Toxics Release Inventory Chemical Search: Search the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) by Chemical.

Licensing, Permits and Certifications

Gasoline Delivery Vessel (GDV) Application: Online application for a Gasoline Delivery Vessel permit (Login required).

Online Well Permitting Application: Online application for well permits (Login required).

Septic License Renewal Fee Payment: Online renewal of onsite septic licenses.

Underground Storage Tank Fee Payment: Online payment of underground storage tank fees (Login required).


DNREC Tip-411: A mobile app enabling the public to connect with the department’s Natural Resources Police officers, receive alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their smartphones.

Environmental Enforcement Actions: A searchable listing of all environmental enforcement actions.

Criminal Environmental Enforcement Actions: A listing of criminal charges from environmental offenses in the past 90 days.

Past Administrative and Civil Enforcement Actions: A listing of civil and administrative environmental enforcement actions from 1994 to mid-2001.

Fish and Wildlife

Inland Bays Shellfish Aquaculture Map: A map-based tool that provides site-specific information helpful for selecting shellfish aquaculture lease locations in the Inland Bays.

Mosquito Control Section Spray Zone Map: Online map of mosquito control spray areas, with data (updated daily) to show planned mosquito spraying.

Report Atlantic Sturgeon: An online reporting app to allow the public to report any interaction with Atlantic Sturgeon, alive or dead.

Conservation Issues: Index of reports (Excel or PDF) on conservation issues, by species and by habitat. Part of the Delaware Wildlife Action Plan.

Species of Greatest Conservation Need: Index of reports (Excel or PDF) on endangered species, by habitat type. Part of the Delaware Wildlife Action Plan.

Outdoors and Recreation

Delaware State Parks Passes and Surf Fishing Permits: Online sales of annual passes to Delaware State Parks and of surf fishing permits.

Play Outside: A map-based, mobile-friendly app to find parks, natural areas, trails and more.

Hunter and Trapper Registration: Mobile-friendly collection of applications to help individuals meet legal requirements for hunting and trapping in Delaware.

Fish and Wildlife Automated Licensing System: Online purchasing and printing of hunting and fishing licenses, deer tags, public land use permits, duck stamps and trout stamps.

Delaware Hunter Education System: Online access to hunter education courses and materials (Login required).

Delaware Boat Registration: Online boat registration tools (Login required).


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