Public Hearing Comment Registration

Those wishing to offer verbal comments during DNREC virtual public hearings must pre-register using the form below. Those who register no later than noon on the day of the hearing will be added to a list of commenters that the hearing officer will use to facilitate the public comment portion of the hearing.

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Janella Sapp

The information collected via this form is considered a matter of public record and, as such, is subject to release if requested under the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, only the names and, where applicable, affiliations of those who register will become part of the public hearing transcripts.

Email addresses and phone numbers are required to identify registrants within the virtual hearing platform and allow the hearing officer to unmute each speaker when it is their turn to make comments.

Commenters must follow the DNREC Public Hearing Protocols, including making their comments as concise as possible, respecting the 3-minute time limit, and limiting their comments to the subject matter of the hearing.