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Environmental Finance

The DNREC Environmental Finance Office administers the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (also known as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund), making funding available to municipalities, private organizations, nonprofit organizations and private individuals.
Contact Information 97 Commerce Way, Suite 106 Dover, DE
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Non-Point Source Program Funding

The state provides loans to both public and private sector partners to support projects that help to reduce non-point source (NPS) pollution. Non-point source pollution is any pollution that originates from a diffuse source (such as an open field or a road) and is transported to surface or ground waters through leaching or runoff.
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Renewable Energy Assistance

Grant funds and incentives are available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware. The Green Energy Program includes several different types of green energy funding programs from the state’s major electric utilities.
Contact Jessica C. Quinn CJ Emenike Green Energy Program 302.735.3480
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Weatherization Assistance Program

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) offers a free Weatherization Assistance Program to help establish comfortable, energy-saving homes. The program, run through the Division of Climate, Coastal & Energy, helps homeowners and renters cut their energy bills by weatherproofing and improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

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Community Environmental Project Fund

The Community Environmental Project Fund provides money to support the restoration of the environment in communities that were damaged by environmental pollution.
2019 Community Environmental Project Fund Grants Thirteen applications for funding under the 2019 grant program have been received and will be reviewed by the Community Involvement
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Project Planning Advances

Funds are available to help municipal governments prepare to apply for loans for public wastewater and drinking water projects.
Project planning advances can be used to develop Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs) and Environmental Information Documents (EIDs) needed for loan applications under the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and
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Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund

The Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund provides low-interest loans and grants to municipalities, private organizations, nonprofit organizations and private individuals for projects that will improve water quality.
Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund 29 Delaware Code, §8003 (12) Created in 1990 67 Del. Laws,
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Water Infrastructure Advisory Council

The Water Infrastructure Advisory Council (WIAC) initiates, develops and recommends to the Delaware General Assembly projects for the planning, construction, repair, renovation or expansion of drinking water and wastewater facilities.
The council provides guidance and policy advice to the Governor and to the Secretaries of DNREC, DHSS,
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Private Projects that Support Estuary Programs

A portion of the loan funds available from the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (also known as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund) are available for privately-owned water quality improvement projects that help meet the water quality goals of Delaware’s estuary management programs.
The federal Clean
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Water Quality Improvement Loan Program

The Water Quality Improvement Loan Program provides loans to cities and towns to fund water quality improvement projects to compliment municipal wastewater treatment projects.
The program funds projects designed to improve water quality, such as green street initiatives, removal of stormwater from wastewater systems, urban forestry programs and
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