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On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System: Newton Farms, LLC

Newton Farms has applied for a permit to install an on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system on their property at the southeast corner of Emma Jane Road and E. Newton Road, near Bridgeville.

Ground Water Discharges Formal Waiver

Michael Lunn has applied for a Formal Waiver to build an on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system on his property that does not meet the minimum lot size requirements. The property is located along the south side of Hearn’s Pond Road, west of Bridgeville Road, near Seaford.

Groundwater Discharge Licenses

The Groundwater Discharges Section issues licenses for the various professions involved in designing, installing and maintaining on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems. Licenses are granted under the state’s on-site systems regulations and with input from the On-Site Systems Advisory Board.
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On-Site Systems Advisory Board

The On-Site Systems Advisory Board advises the Department on the groundwater discharges licensing program. The Board, created in the on-site systems regulations (7 DE Admin. Code, 7101), reviews and approves professional training requirements and courses and makes recommendations for licensing decisions by the Department.
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Groundwater Discharges Section

The Groundwater Discharges Section oversees all aspects of the siting, design and installation of onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems (known as septic systems).

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