Beaches and Shorelines

The Shoreline and Waterway Management Section works to maintain and improve Delaware’s shoreline and waterways.

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Shoreline and Waterway Management

The section manages the shoreline through regulation of coastal construction activities and implementation of dune and beach management practices. It also works to protect and enhance eroded beaches to enable continued recreational use of this precious resource.

And it works to improve the state’s ability to endure severe coastal storms with minimal damage to public and private property and infrastructure.

Beaches: A Natural Resource

Beaches and dunes are more than just a place for recreation and vacations. They are our first line of protection from wave action during coastal storms.

Property owners and visitors can preserve and protect beaches and dunes in several ways, through their day-to-day actions, by taking part in volunteer efforts such as beach grass planting, or by adopting a beach.

Coastal Construction

Coastal development adds stress to beaches and dunes. Coastal construction regulations designed to preserve and protect public and private beaches require approval for construction seaward of a state building line.