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Training and Certification

The DNREC Sediment and Stormwater Program provides several different training opportunities to help those involved in land development and construction projects meet the requirements of the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations.

Contractor Training Program

Under the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations, each active construction site must have a “responsible person,” certified through the Contractor Training Program, to provide daily oversight throughout construction.

The training program, formerly known as the Blue Card Course, includes overviews of the Sediment and Stormwater Program, of the regulations and of required erosion and sediment control measures in Delaware.

The Contractor Training Program is offered on-demand as interactive online modules via the Delaware Learning Center. The program costs $65.

Participants will log-in to the Delaware Learning Center using their existing Delaware Learning Center account or create a new account.

For information, email or call 302-739-9921.

Certified Construction Reviewer Course

CCR Training Course Schedule (2022)

The 16-hour training is presented over three 4-hour video conferences (March 3, 10 and 24) and a half-day, in-person field trip on March 17.

A Certified Construction Reviewer (CCR) is a private inspector of sediment and stormwater controls hired by a developer when required by the plan approval agency. The CCR course offers detailed information on sediment control and stormwater management practices for those who wish to qualify as Certified Construction Reviewers under the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations.

The course will also benefit those in government, engineering, consulting, contracting or land development that work in the field of sediment and stormwater management. Certification is valid for five years.

The course will consist of three four-hour online class sessions and a half-day field trip. The online sessions will be held via WebEx.

It is mandatory for trainees to attend all sessions and the field trip, in their entirety, pass a written exam, and complete a construction site review report.

Prior to registering for the CCR Course, individuals must complete the online Contractor Training Program.

The CCR Course costs $225.

Registration is limited to 150 participants and three participants per company. Registration for the 2022 course is now closed. The class limit has been reached.

For information, email or call 302-739-9921.

CCR Recertification

The Certified Construction Reviewer (CCR) recertification is an 8-hr course for CCRs whose certification will expire or has expired in the current year and who would like to continue their certification. This eight-hour course highlights changes in the Sediment and Stormwater Program and Regulations, along with newer approaches to stormwater management.

CCRs eligible for recertification will be notified by DNREC’s Division of Watershed Stewardship; however, those individuals must register to attend. There are no reserved spots for classes.

The course is offered as two half-day class sessions, presented via a video conference platform. Trainees must attend both sessions, in their entirety, and pass an exam.

Registration is required and is limited to those contacted by the Sediment and Stormwater program. This training is $90 and registration packets are sent to eligible attendees several months prior to scheduled training dates.

CCRs and Blue Card holders must provide and maintain current email addresses. The Program is not responsible for certifications that expire if an individual cannot be reached by email.

CCRs should email with questions or to update contact information, including email addresses.

Weather Closures and Delays

Weather delays will not affect class schedules. Classes will be cancelled only when state offices in Kent County are closed due to weather conditions or declaration of a state of emergency.

State office closures are announced on the Dept. of Human Resources website.

In the event of a cancellation, registered attendees should report on the next scheduled class day.