Delaware Wetland Management Plan

Delaware is a state rich with wetlands that vary from forested vernal ponds, to highly productive salt marshes, to unique Bald Cypress Swamps. As stewards of these great resources it is our responsibility to slow the loss of wetland acreage, improve the health of remaining wetlands and work together to better understand and share with others the value of wetlands.

The Wetland Management Plan

The 2015 Delaware Wetland Management Plan is an update of the 2008 Delaware Wetland Conservation Strategy. The purpose is to serve as a guide for identifying wetland research, education, management and conservation needs over the next five years.

Any program working in or around wetlands is encouraged to reference the action items listed within to generate and justify project ideas.

Goal and Objectives

Below is a summary of the goals for wetland programs across the State of Delaware. For more information, please contact Alison Rogerson.

Objective 1: Monitoring and Assessment

Goal A: Mapping – Update wetland mapping tools and improve access to wetland related spatial data.

Goal B: Monitoring – Increase monitoring efficiency and effort to provide insight into wetland function and health.

Goal C: Climate Adaptation – Use available science and research to better understand and plan for the effects of climate change and sea level rise on wetland habitats.

Objective 2: Voluntary Restoration and Protection

Goal D. Restoration – Advance wetland restoration , creation and enhancement to increase wetland acreage, condition and function.

Objective 3: Education and Collaboration

Goal E: Collaboration – Facilitate collaboration and project sharing among wetland science programs, educators and regulators.

Goal F: Education – Enhance education and outreach efforts to broaden understanding and strengthen wetland stewardship among all wetland stakeholders.

Objective 4: Regulation

Goal G: Conservation – Work with partners to support and enhance wetland conservation program that are not covered by state or federal regulations

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