Natural Resources Police

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police investigate hunting, fishing, and boating violations. They patrol Delaware waterways, state wildlife areas, and state-owned boating access areas, fishing ponds and piers.

Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Violations: 800.523.3336
Non-Emergency Number: 302.739.9913

State Park Enforcement Officers

Delaware’s State Park Enforcement Officers patrol Delaware’s state parks. They enforce park rules and regulations and help visitors with accidents, injuries, lost children and other problems.

State Park Enforcement Dispatch: 302.739.4580
Non-Emergency Number: 302.739.9221

DNREC Environmental Crimes Unit

The Environmental Crimes Unit investigates violations of environmental laws. The unit focuses on unlawful releases of liquid, solid, and hazardous wastes and on air pollution violations.

Environmental Complaints and Emergency Response: 800.662.8802
Non-Emergency Number: 302.739.9959

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Non-Emergency Number: 302.739.9000

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