Delaware Natural Resources Police 411

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has three Natural Resources Police units that work with the public to ensure safety, investigate environmental crimes, and make sure that Delawareans and visitors to the state can enjoy Delaware’s natural resources.

Natural Resources Police Officers

They are the Environmental Crimes Unit, the Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police, and the State Park Enforcement Officers.

The Department maintains several 800 hotlines, online reporting pages and a new Tip411 app to help people connect with Natural Resources Police officers, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips via their smartphones.

The DENRP Tip411 App

The Department now offers a smartphone app to give the public an easy way to report environmental crimes and concerns. The Delaware Natural Resources Police (DENRP) Tip411 app also gives Natural Resources Police a new tool to share important information with the public.

Users can report crimes, emergencies or problems. They’ll also receive notifications from the Department about closures of parks or other public lands, public safety alerts, and the like.

Find the DENRP411 App

It’s free from the Apple App-Store and from Google Play .

Anonymous Reports by Text Message

Anyone can send anonymous reports of crimes, emergencies and other problems directly via text message by texting their report, along with one of the following keywords, to TIP411 (847411). For reports to the Environmental Crimes Unit, use ECUTIP. For reports to Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police, use FWTIP. For reports to State Park Rangers, use STATEPARKSTIP.

Environmental Crimes Unit

Environmental Complaints and Emergency Response


Text ECUTIP to TIP411 (847411)

The Environmental Crimes Unit investigates violations of environmental laws. The unit focuses on unlawful releases of liquid, solid, and hazardous wastes and on air pollution violations.

Report these issues to Environmental Crimes Unit:

  • Illegal dumping
  • Open burning violations
  • Unlawful asbestos removal
  • Illegal transportation of solid or hazardous waste
  • Water quality violations for wells and failing septic systems
  • Illegal disposal of wastewater

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Violations


Text FWTIP to TIP411 (847411)

Non-Emergency Number:

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police investigate hunting, fishing, and boating violations. They patrol Delaware waterways, state wildlife areas, and state-owned boating access areas, fishing ponds and piers.

Report these issues to the Natural Resources Police:

  • Hunting and boating accidents
  • Illegal hunting
  • Illegal fishing
  • Boating safety violations

Poaching complaints can also be reported through Operation Game Theft.

Delaware State Park Enforcement Officers

State Park Enforcement Dispatch


Text STATEPARKSTIP to TIP411 (847411)

Non-Emergency Number:

Delaware’s State Park Enforcement Officers patrol Delaware’s state parks. They enforce park rules and regulations and help visitors with accidents, injuries, lost children and other problems.

Report these issues to the State Park Enforcement Officers:

  • Crimes in state parks such as fights, assault, theft, traffic violations, drug or alcohol violations, and domestic abuse
  • Violations of state park rules
  • Lack of surf tags or park passes
  • Noise complaints in state parks
  • Hunting and fishing violations in state parks
  • Damage to natural resources in the parks or to state parks property


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