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Workplace Charging

Workplace Charging is Important About 98 percent of electric vehicle charging is done at home or at work. Whether or not a workplace has a charging station can be a determining factor in an employee’s ability to purchase and commute with an electric car. Providing charging for employees provides several benefits to
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Clean Fuel and Transportation Initiatives

Alternative fuel vehicles help us get from here to there with cleaner air and lower fueling costs. Electric cars, propane and natural gas vehicles, and bi-fuel vehicles are driven by Delawareans across all three counties, and more hit the road in the US every day. Clean transportation is a crucial strategy in lowering our greenhouse
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Delaware Clean Cities Coalition

The Delaware Clean Cities Coalition helps Delaware residents, businesses, and fleet operators work together to reduce the use of petroleum, develop regional economic opportunities, and improve air quality.
Contact Information Kathy Harris Clean Cities Coordinator Suite 5A
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Heavy-Duty Vehicle Rebate Program

Many trucks don’t have to run on gasoline. Alternative fuel vehicles come in every shape and size. The Delaware Heavy-Duty Vehicle Rebate Program provides funds to help offset the costs of purchasing a heavy duty dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) truck. The program proves rebates of $20,000 for new qualifying heavy duty CNG class 7 or 8 vehicles (GVW
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Alternative Bi-Fuel Vehicle Rebates

The Alternative Bi-Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program provides incentives to encourage the use and deployment of bi-fuel vehicle technologies in Delaware. Bi-fuel vehicles for this program are defined as those vehicles that have two separate fueling systems that enable them to run on either propane or natural gas and a conventional fuel.
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Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Rebates

We offer rebates to lower the cost of electric vehicle charging stations that can be installed at your home, at your workplace, outside your businesses, and in other public places. The Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Rebate Program provides rebates for Level 2 electric vehicle charging equipment.
Please note: Due to
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Clean Vehicle Rebates: Questions and Answers

This is a collection of questions and answers about the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please send them to us at
Visit the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program page or contact the Division of Energy and Climate (302.735.3480 or
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Alternative Fueling Station Locations

The US Department of Energy offers an Alternative Fuels Data Center with information, data, maps and online tools to help drivers, fleet managers, and transportation officials make full use of electric and other alternative fuel vehicles. The map widget below offers information about charging stations, by location. The information
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The Delaware Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program provides incentives for Delawareans and Delaware businesses to buy or lease new alternative fuel vehicles.
Please note: Due to the turnover of the fiscal year, rebate applicants who apply between June 12 and July 10, 2018 may experience a longer than average processing time before receiving their
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Division of Energy and Climate

The Division of Energy and Climate leads statewide climate change mitigation and adaptation programs. It provides grants for energy efficiency and clean fuel technology. It supports energy policy development. And it provides coordination and assistance to support sustainable land use and building practices. Mission: To enhance Delaware’s quality of
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