Online Reporting

Delaware facilities submit their annual Tier II reports (often referred to as EPCRA Section 312 reports) online using the Tier II ManagerTM system. EPCRA Section 302 and 311 reports are submitted online as well.

The system is accessible through the Internet using typical Web browsers, and no special software is necessary. Facilities that have previously reported will not need to re-enter all their data. Instead, they can update and submit using their previous data already loaded in the system. The Tier II ManagerTM also offers the option to pay fees on-line by a variety of methods.

With the Tier II Manager™ system, updated information submitted by facilities can be viewed immediately by emergency planners and responders, avoiding delays associated with processing of paper forms. In addition, the system has built in edit checks, to help avoid common errors.

Tier II Reports are due annually by the first day of March each year.

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