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Delaware’s Climate Impacts

Climate change looks different depending on where you are in the world. In Delaware, climate change primarily takes the form of sea level rise, increasing temperatures and more frequent intense storms, including heavy precipitation and flooding.
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Climate Change Basics

Although Earth’s climate has changed naturally throughout its history, research has shown that the climate is warming rapidly as a result of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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  • Delaware Emissions

    Human activities have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, which has led to rising temperatures and other changes in our earth and climate.
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  • Delaware’s Climate Action Plan

    Actions You Can Take

    Climate change is a global issue that will require global solutions, but we can all play a part in that greater effort by reducing our energy usage and conserving our resources.
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    Minimizing Impacts

    By maximizing resilience and adapting to climate change impacts now, we are better prepared for extreme and unexpected events.
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  • Delaware’s Climate Action Plan
  • Climate

    Data and Tools

    Delaware has taken steps to address the causes and consequences of climate change with the goal of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and maximizing resilience to the impacts of climate change we are witnessing today.
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    Terms and Definitions

    A glossary of terms used in the Delaware Climate Action Plan and in conversations about climate issues.
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  • Delaware’s Climate Action Plan
  • Climate Change Basics

    Minimizing Emissions

    By minimizing greenhouse gas emissions now, we contribute to a worldwide effort to reduce the severity of rapid climate change.
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  • Delaware’s Climate Action Plan

  • Notice of Draft Air Monitoring Network Plan

    The Division of Air Quality is providing the public an opportunity to inspect and comment on the annual Air Monitoring Network Plan prior to submission of the final plan to the EPA.

    Delaware Wetland Management Plan

    Delaware is a state rich with wetlands that vary from forested vernal ponds, to highly productive salt marshes, to unique Bald Cypress Swamps. As stewards of these great resources it is our responsibility to slow the loss of wetland acreage, improve the health of remaining wetlands and work together to better understand and share with

    Public Participation

    Public participation has been essential to developing Delaware’s Climate Action Plan. In addition to public workshops held in the spring and fall of 2020, online surveys and comment forms soliciting public input, DNREC sought insight from Delaware-based technical stakeholders in the buildings, electric power, industrial transportation and waste sectors —

    Delaware’s Climate Action Plan

    The warming climate impacts our daily lives and economy, and it affects us all. With all that’s at stake, it’s time for us to act together.
    Join a webinar for a virtual presentation on Delaware’s Climate Action Plan. The presentations will provide an overview of the strategies and

    DNREC Capital Plan

    The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Capital Plan lays out a series of key projects to achieve the Department’s vision. Each demonstrates that strategic environmental investments help drive economic prosperity and growth. By providing sustained funding for these critical infrastructure needs, we will help strengthen Delaware’s economy, while we improve the health