Well Permits

The DNREC Well Permits Branch manages and issues well construction and use permits for wells that withdraw 50,000 gallons or less of water daily. The Branch inspects wells and licenses companies and individuals who construct wells and install and repair or service pumps in and for wells. And it maintains data on the construction and status of all wells for which a well construction or use permit has been issued.

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Well Construction and Use Permits

All wells in Delaware must be constructed by a water well contractor licensed by DNREC. Applications for well construction and well use permits must be completed by a licensed water well contractor. The required application and reporting forms are available to licensed water well contractors upon request. A property owner’s signature is also required, unless submitted electronically.

The General Requirements and Guidelines for the Construction of Monitor and Observation Wells contain specific regulatory requirements as well as additional recommendations for use by engineers, designers and contractors to use when preparing monitor and observation well applications.

Well and water use permit data is available through the Delaware Open Data Portal or by Freedom of Information Act request.

Forms and Documents

Permit and License Fees

Individual License Application

Contractor License Application

Professional Reference Form

Contractor License Renewal

Individual License Renewal

Request for Approval of Training Program

Request for Reduced Isolation Distance to Property Line

Request for Alternative Method of Compliance

Emergency Well Procedures

Contractor License Requirements

All water well contractors, pump installer contractors, well drillers, well drivers and pump installers must be properly licensed by DNREC through the Delaware Water Well Licensing Board. Applications for licenses must be submitted with two Professional Reference Forms. Applications for water well and pump installer contractor licenses must be submitted with a copy of the company’s certificate of insurance reflecting a minimum coverage of $100,000 contractor liability insurance. All applications for new licenses must be completed in detail, signed and notarized.

Well drillers, well drivers and pump installers are required to obtain continuing education hours in order to renew their licenses for the next calendar year.


Regulations Governing the Construction and Use of Wells
(7 DE Admin. Code 7301)

Regulations For Licensing Water Well Contractors, Pump Installer Contractors, Well Drillers, Well Drivers,And Pump Installers
(7 DE Admin. Code 7302)

Regulations Governing the Allocation of Water
(7 DE Admin. Code 7303)