Water Supply

The Water Supply Section issues well and water allocation permits, and licenses water well contractors. The section also oversees statewide drought management, groundwater quality monitoring, and wellhead and source water protection programs. The section works with the Delaware River Basin Commission to manage water withdrawal from the Delaware River.

Water Supply Coordination

The Water Supply Coordinating Council works to continue water supply self sufficiency in northern New Castle County, and to develop and publish water supply plans for southern New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County.

Well Permits

The Well Permits Branch issues well construction and use permits for non-industrial wells. It inspects wells and licenses well contractors. It maintains data on the construction and status of all permitted wells.

Water Well Licensing

The Water Well Licensing Board oversees the licensing of well drilling professionals. It develops forms and examinations, reviews applications, examines candidates, and makes recommendations for actions by the Department.

Water Allocation

The Water Allocation Branch oversees major withdrawals of surface water or groundwater. It monitors water use by large public, industrial and irrigation systems. It conducts long-term water supply planning and conservation efforts.

Groundwater Protection

The Groundwater Protection Branch oversees groundwater protection efforts, the source water assessment and protection program, and wellhead protections. It performs regulatory review, resource assessment, database quality control, and public education.

Water Conservation

The Water Supply Coordinating Council has developed a three-phase approach to conserving water if and when there are problems with drought in Delaware. This includes what to do in the case of a drought watch, warning or emergency.

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