Red Lion Watershed Wetland Assessment

The Red Lion watershed is located within New Castle County, where it encompasses 46,283 acres (72 square miles) of land within the Delaware Bay and Estuary Basin. It is composed of the C&D Canal East, Dragon Creek, Red Lion Creek, Army Creek, and Broad Dike Canal. Approximately 16% of the land area of the watershed is covered by wetlands and dominated by tidal wetland types.

Prior to 1992 an estimated 1,375 acres of wetlands have been lost in this watershed due to conversion to other land uses such as residential or commercial development. More recently changes have been seen in wetland community types where wetlands are being converted to open water areas due to development. This is alarming as wetlands that are void of plants do not provide the same benefits that planted wetlands provide.

Red Lion Watershed

Overall, the Red Lion watershed’s wetlands received a D+ for their health score. Common wetland stressors were the presence of invasive plant species, and disturbances in the buffer surrounding the wetlands including agriculture, roads, and development.

Long-Term Goals

The Red Lion watershed’s wetlands need your help. Consider supporting Delaware’s valuable natural resources by:

  • Managing invasive species on your property.
  • Adding nature-based landscaping designs and green infrastructure on your property to control erosion and water runoff and improve water quality.
  • Protecting and maintaining buffers around your wetlands.
  • Preserving or restarting wetlands on your land.
  • Supporting better wetland protection by contacting your local decision makers.

Red Lion Wetland Condition Report

Red Lion Wetland Condition Report Appendices

Red Lion Wetland Health Report Card

For more information about the Condition Report, contact Alison Rogerson, at 302-739-9939.