Smyrna Watershed Wetland Assessment

The Smyrna River watershed encompasses 71 square miles and is composed of three sub-watersheds: Smyrna River, Duck Creek, and Cedar Swamp-Delaware Bay. It is located partially in Kent County and partially in New Castle County. The watershed is within the Delaware Bay and Estuary Basin, so all of its waters drain into the Delaware Bay.

Land cover in this watershed is dominated by agriculture and wetlands. Of these wetlands, nearly half are saltwater, and the other half are freshwater. These wetlands are beneficial resources for people and wildlife.

Unfortunately, approximately 32% of historic wetland area in this watershed has been lost to conversion to development and agriculture. Based on field data, wetlands in the Smyrna River watershed received an overall condition grade of B-, indicating that these wetlands are not functioning at their full potential. This also presents an opportunity for improvements through stewardship, conservation, and restoration.

Long-Term Goals

The Smyrna watershed’s wetlands need your help. Consider supporting Delaware’s valuable natural resources by:

  • Managing invasive species on your property.
  • Adding nature-based landscaping designs and green infrastructure on your property to control erosion and water runoff and improve water quality.
  • Protecting and maintaining buffers around your wetlands.
  • Preserving or restarting wetlands on your land.
  • Supporting better wetland protection by contacting your local decision makers.

Smyrna Wetland Condition Report

Smyrna Wetland Condition Report Appendices

Smyrna Wetland Health Report Card

For more information about the Condition Report, contact Alison Rogerson, at 302-739-9939.


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